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We craft solutions to improve legal efficiency and service delivery based on a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs. We are dedicated to finding top-notch legal solutions for all our clients. Over the last 21 years our team has developed substantial expertise across a wide range of sectors, including Engineering, Defence, Security, healthcare, technology, software development, media, logistics, retail, leisure, franchising, media, IT and many other areas of the manufacturing and service industries.


Amanchy Konsort is dedicated on discovering long-term strategic solutions for our clients, while maintaining the highest-level professionalism service possible. Our skilled legal experts advise clients through a wide range of complex legal issues in various fields including civil, criminal, commercial law, etc.

Our litigation team has remarkable legal victories, with 80% success rate, which is the firm trademark, nonetheless our primary focus remains with Amanchy Konsort vision to provide crafted solutions to improve legal efficiency and service delivery based on a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ requirements.


We believe that to provide the best service for our clients, we need to see things from the client’s perspective. Amanchy Konsort acknowledges the importance of providing more than just the excellent leg...more

  • Build dedicated, long-term relationships with clients
  • Understand and appreciate client goals, objectives, and challenges
  • Provide proactive insight, custom solutions, and collaborative resources specific to client needs
  • Offer competent, proficient and tested insight to solve routine and complex legal issues
  • Collaborative solutions by providing highly skilled partner-led client teams of experienced practitioners
  • Deliver a practical, professional approach to meet your business needs
  • Strong understanding of local, regional, national, and international business to better serve clients

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Our dedicated lawyers and legal team are on your side, every step of the way.

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We would have the pleasure to work and provide you with our expertise that cover all your legal, administration, and finance work as well as coordinating all your relations with the public and private sectors. We establish the familiarization procedures with governmental directorates and private sectors as well as showing the company branch activities, accomplishments, capacities, skills, and expertise for the purpose of securing business and contracts with them.

Pleasure to work with you!

Forat Abdulatheem Kubba

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