Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

When you choose Amanchy Konsort Law Firm you not only choose reliable property management services you also choose:

  • Transparent
  • In-House accounting department
  • Prompt On Time Communication When You Need Us
  • Periodic Property Inspections

Our service includes the following

  • Prepare lease contracts by professional attorneys
  • Maintain a file for each property including the tenant information
    • Photocopy of tenant ID
    • The nature of the tenant use for the property
    • The date of the tenant’s occupation of the property
    • The property number occupied by the tenant
  • Collecting rental fees according to the date stated in the rental contract concluded according to a receipt issued by Amanchy Konsort Company
  • Send formal notices issued by the notary public to the tenant who is late of the rental fees.
  • Filing a eviction claim in accordance with Article 17 of the Real Estate Tenancy Law
  • Property maintenance by professionals under the supervision of the legal team
  • Pay property bills and taxes

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